Three Tips To Prevent Tears In A Rug That Will Make Vacuuming More Difficult

It's very hard to give a rug a deep cleaning with a vacuum when one or more parts of it are uneven because of a tear. If one of the tears is large enough, putting too much pressure on it with a vacuum could even cause it to widen, ruining your whole rug. Therefore, if you want to have a rug that's both completely clean and remain in one piece, remember these three tips to prevent tears in a rug that will make vacuuming more difficult. [Read More]

4 Household Scents To Use With Your Vacuum To Clean And Freshen Your Home

A clean house should look and smell fresh. You use your vacuum to get rid of the dirt and allergens that are hiding in your carpet. You probably use air fresheners to keep your home smelling fresh. You might even use powdered carpet fresheners. However, you can use your vacuum to freshen your home without using powdered carpet fresheners. Here are four easy ways to keep your carpet and your home smelling clean and fresh. [Read More]

How To Get Rid Of A Carpet Stain Using Common Items In Your Home

A stain in your carpeting can be a huge eyesore to everyone in your home due to the attention it draws. Carpet stains give the impression that a home is not clean, which can project a negative image onto you as the homeowner. The best way to fight stains is to clean them immediately after they happen, but you may not have a bottle of the a commercially made carpet cleaning solution available. [Read More]

Remove Candle Wax From A Carpet

Remove candle wax from the carpet in your living room with the following steps. After the wax has been eliminated, freshen up the carpet as you normally would and vacuum it until it is restored to its original condition. Use The Following Items ice pack ice cubes plastic bag that seals gloves plastic scraper vinegar water scrub brush towel hairdryer  carpet powder vacuum with brush attachment ​Apply An Ice Pack To The Wax [Read More]