How To Use Your Pressure Washer To Accomplish Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning the inside of your house, it is also about cleaning the outside of your house. A pressure washer is a great tool that can help you cross items off your outside spring cleaning checklist. Here are a few different ways you can use your pressure washer to get the outside of your house ready for spring.

#1 Clean Your Window Screens

Your window screens should be cleaned at least once a year, and spring is a great time to do so. Pop all of your window screens out, and lay them out on your driveway or patio.

Then, fill your pressure washer with general use soap, and put your pressure washer on one of its lowest settings. Work down the line of your window screens, spraying top to bottom with the soapy water. Then, remove the soap container and use clean water to wash away the soap from your window screens.

Once you have done one side, flip them all over and repeat the process above. Allow your window screens to dry out in the sun, then pop them back into place.

#2 Clean Your Windows

You can actually use your pressure washer to clean your windows. However, to prevent damage to your window, you are going to want to make sure that you use the lowest pressure setting possible on your pressure washer and use a widest spray pattern as well.

Washing your windows with a pressure washer is a relatively simple and easy process. Add a container with general purpose soap to your pressure washer, and then gently spray the soap onto your windows, working top to bottom with your pressure washer wand. Hold your pressure washer so that the water hits your windows at an angle instead of straight on, and remember to keep the pressure low. 

After you spray your windows with soap, remove the soap container, and rinse them off with clean water. If your windows are not being hit by direct sunlight, you can let them air dry. Or, you can use a squeegee to wipe away the water. 

#3 Clean Your Gutters

It is not enough to just remove all the twigs and debris that have fallen into your gutter since the last time you cleaned them out. Your gutters really need to be washed clean to ensure that grime doesn't build up and create an ideal environment for unwanted guests. 

A great way to clean your gutters is to rinse them out with your pressure washer. You don't need to use any soap or cleaning chemicals. Just set your pressure washer up somewhere safe, and use it to rinse the sides of your gutter until they are clean. Start at the lowest pressure setting and increase it until you have the right amount of pressure to rinse away the grime in your gutters.

#4 Clean Your Siding

If it has been more than a year since you last cleaned your siding, now is a great time to do it. Having clean siding will make your house look really nice. It is also a great way to remove any dirt, grime and mold that may be lurking on your siding. 

You'll want to remove any patio furniture or planters that could get in the way while you are cleaning your siding. If you have any exposed outlets or wires on your home, you'll want to cover them up. You will also want to lightly mist all your nearby plants with water so if any soap gets on them while you are cleaning your siding, it will slide right off.

Once you have prepared the area, put some mild detergent in the reservoir, and put the pressure up about mid-way on your washer. You'll want to clean one section at a time, working left to right and top to bottom. You'll want to hold the nozzle at about a 45 degree angle; this will ensure that the pressure is not too strong and that water doesn't get blasted behind your siding. 

After you clean one section, remove the reservoir and wash it off with clean water. You'll want to do this immediately after you apply the soap to prevent streaking. 

A pressure washer can help you get the outside of your house in order this spring. All you need is some mild dish detergent, your pressure washer, and a little bit of time to make the outside of your house shine just as much as the inside of your house does this spring.  If you don't have your own pressure washer, you can rent one or hire a company to do the cleaning for you. For example, companies like Penney Steamers & Vacuum Service Ltd can wash sidewalks.