Interested In An Abandoned And Poorly Maintained Commercial Property? Unleash The Potential

Are you interested in leasing a commercial property but the interior has been so poorly maintained you don't know if you have the time to put in the work? Has the place been abandoned for some time? There are a few service professionals that can help you tackle the project, so you don't have to miss out on a great space and you can get the building you need.

Professional Cleaning Services

A professional cleaning company will be able to wash the walls, windows, and surfaces throughout the building, and remove all the grime and dust. Make sure that they use antibacterial and sterilizing agents in all the bathrooms and on all the surfaces possible to kill any lingering germs. Once the place has an initial cleaning, you'll want to schedule regular sessions to maintain the office space. Consider a company like A Woman's Touch House Cleaning office cleaning for the job.

Pest Control

Pay for a pest control consultation. The pest control experts will go around to see if there are any insects or rodents living in the space that could cause damage to the building. The pests may also cause problems for the people in the office space. The feces from rodents and insects can cause a variety of health hazards, so you want to know if there are any pests or waste present.

Duct Cleaning

You don't know how much dust, mold, dander, and other debris could be in the ducts of the ventilation system. Have an HVAC company come out to the property to clean the ventilation system, along with the furnace and the central air conditioner.  

Carpet Cleaning

Are there carpets throughout the commercial property? If so, you want to get them cleaned because you don't know what could be living in the fabrics. This will also help you see how bad the stains and discoloration are and if you want to have the carpet replaced. The carpet cleaning should also help remove odors from the property.

You will want have these services completed to see the true potential of the commercial building and to see if it's going to be the commercial property you hope it can be. If you're interested in a building that is old and you know that no one has been maintaining it properly, try calling these different experts to get some help. With these services the space should become manageable, and you should be able to start moving people into the space to work.