You Should Be The Life Of The Party, Not Your Carpets

If you like to host parties at your home, this can be fun for you and your guests, but maybe not your carpet. Keeping your home clean and free from wear and tear can be hard if you regularly have guests over or have seasonal parties. There are some preventative measures that you can take when it comes to your carpeting. Here are four things that you can do to protect carpets before, during, and after your next party.

1. Hold off on Professional Cleaning Until After the Party

If you do a deep clean before your party, you'll end up having to clean all over again right after your event. Take time for a quick vacuum, throw down some areas rugs, and keep the lights low. This will keep any unsightly stains or trafficked areas from being noticed by your guests.

2. Limit Dark Beverages and Foods

Whether your party is primarily dinner, appetizers, or drinks, you can control the types of food and beverages served. If you can keep alcohol and beverage choices to lighter colors, these won't stain the same as an accident would with red wine. The same goes for food. If you can keep your menu to foods that won't necessarily leave stains if these are dropped, your carpets will stand a chance against spills.

3. Keep Guests from Wandering With Food

If you can incorporate a sit down dinner rather than a buffet-style spread, folks will be more apt to eat in place. You don't want guests wandering around your home with plates of food precariously balanced. If your home isn't set up for this type of event, be sure to have plenty of chairs and stools for sitting and countertops and tables for beverages and plates. If you can keep people from being mobile while eating, accidents will have less of a chance of occurring.

4. Quick Pickups Throughout the Evening

While you are hosting your party, be sure to clean as you go and look out for potential disasters. Snagging up deserted drinks at the edge of a table and swooping up discarded plates can keep these from ending up on the floor. Have rags and cleaning solutions on hand for easy spot cleans if accidents do happen.

You don't need to forgo having a home full of guests and fun just because you are scared of carpet damage. If you can party smart, you can have fun while your carpets are protected. Accidents can happen and you might need to call in a professional carpet cleaner after your next event. Do your best to prevent spills, stains, and wear and tear if you can. To learn more, contact a company like Pro-Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning