Three Tips To Prevent Tears In A Rug That Will Make Vacuuming More Difficult

It's very hard to give a rug a deep cleaning with a vacuum when one or more parts of it are uneven because of a tear. If one of the tears is large enough, putting too much pressure on it with a vacuum could even cause it to widen, ruining your whole rug. Therefore, if you want to have a rug that's both completely clean and remain in one piece, remember these three tips to prevent tears in a rug that will make vacuuming more difficult.

Fill Any Fractures In The Wooden Floor Under The Rug With Putty

Some vacuum heads have wheels on them that will get stuck in even a small hole under your rug. Both a wheel from a vacuum and the point of someone's shoe could create a tear if there's enough force behind the impact.

Instead of just hiding any imperfections in your wooden floor with a rug, actively root out all the fractures you can and fill them in with putty. Since the putty you put under the rug doesn't have to conform visually with the rest of your wooden floor, you can use a relatively cheap putty variety that's not made to have a particular color.

Avoid Putting Furniture Near The Rug That's Easily Movable

Paradoxically, it's relatively safe to put a heavy piece of furniture near the edge of your rug because it's very difficult for someone to accidentally move it. Even if the rug is accidentally pushed onto the furniture leg of a large couch, for example, it probably won't be pushed with enough force to cause a tear.

But a piece of furniture that's only moderately heavy, like a recliner, is more dangerous because one of its legs could drift onto your rug as a result of force from people sitting down and getting up. The combined weight of the chair and a person could exacerbate already weak threading on an older rug and create a tear. To prevent this, make sure all of the furniture pieces you own that are prone to rocking or moving around are a safe distance away from your rug.

Regularly Remove The Rug To Rid The Floor Underneath Of Dust

Small specks of dust between the wooden floor and your rug can act like a lubricant, making it easier for the rug to shift from side to side as a result of people walking on it. It's important to head off this motion by regularly ridding your floor of dust because the combined force of two people pulling the rug in different directions with their feet can sometimes create a tear.

If you are hesitant about cleaning your rugs yourself, talk to some local rug cleaning services for rates or suggestions.