4 Household Scents To Use With Your Vacuum To Clean And Freshen Your Home

A clean house should look and smell fresh. You use your vacuum to get rid of the dirt and allergens that are hiding in your carpet. You probably use air fresheners to keep your home smelling fresh. You might even use powdered carpet fresheners. However, you can use your vacuum to freshen your home without using powdered carpet fresheners. Here are four easy ways to keep your carpet and your home smelling clean and fresh. You can use these methods whether your vacuum uses a canister or a bag.

Fabric Softener

If you use fabric softener sheets, you have the perfect way to freshen your carpets. Simply place a clean fabric sheet in the canister or bag and vacuum as usual. The air that circulates through the vacuum will release the scent from the fabric sheet into the room. Switch dryer sheets each time you empty the canister or switch vacuum bags.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have hundreds of uses around the house. One way to use them is as a simple room deodorizer. You can use any of your favorite oils to freshen your home. Place a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in your vacuum canister or bag.

Add new cotton balls whenever the scent begins to fade. If you have trouble sleeping at night, try placing a few drops of lavender oil in the canister and vacuuming your room before bed. The scent of lavender will help you get to sleep.

Orange or Lemon Peels

If you like the fresh scent of citrus throughout your home, you'll love this easy way to freshen things up. Peel an orange or a lemon. Place the peels inside your vacuum bag or canister. Your vacuum will release the citrus oils each time you clean your house.


Many people boil cinnamon sticks to freshen their homes, especially during the holiday season. With this trick, you won't have to boil the cinnamon. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon in your vacuum canister or bag and vacuum your home as usual. Your home will smell like you've been baking all day. You can also use cinnamon sticks for the same effect.

You want your home to stay clean. If you're like most people, you probably use your vacuum at least once a week. Now you can use it to clean and freshen your home. These suggestions are great for getting stale odors out of your home. If you find you need a new vacuum to pair with these tips to get an effective cleaning, contact a professional cleaning business like Apple Cleaning Supplies in Edmonton.