Remove Candle Wax From A Carpet

Remove candle wax from the carpet in your living room with the following steps. After the wax has been eliminated, freshen up the carpet as you normally would and vacuum it until it is restored to its original condition.

Use The Following Items

  • ice pack
  • ice cubes
  • plastic bag that seals
  • gloves
  • plastic scraper
  • vinegar
  • water
  • scrub brush
  • towel
  • hairdryer 
  • carpet powder
  • vacuum with brush attachment

Apply An Ice Pack To The Wax

After the candle wax hardens, it will be easy to scrape off the carpet. Place an ice pack directly over the wax and press it down firmly. Cover your hands with gloves while doing this so that your hands do not get cold. If you do not have a standardized ice pack like the type that is used to treat injuries, make one by placing a few ice cubes in a plastic bag that seals.

Check the status of the wax after a few minutes. If it feels hard, it is ready to be removed. Use a plastic scraper to loosen the hardened wax from the carpet. Wedge the scraper underneath the wax to pry it loose from the carpet's fibers.

Remove Stains And Vacuum The Carpet

If any visible stains remain on the carpet's surface once the wax has been eliminated, apply a small amount of vinegar to them. Wait a few minutes for the vinegar to penetrate. Use a scrub brush to assist with loosening the stains. Move the scrub back swiftly back and forth over the stains until they are gone.  Vinegar can stiffen the carpet's fibers once it dries, causing them to look different than the rest of the carpet. Remove the vinegar from the carpet with a damp sponge.

Press a towel over the wet portion of the carpet to blot up any water. Dry the carpet's fibers by moving a hairdryer back and forth over them. Sprinkle deodorizing powder on the carpet to eliminate odors and give the carpet a fresh scent. After a few minutes, vacuum up the powder. Pay special attention to the fibers that were treated with the ice. If any of them are flatter than the rest of the carpet, fluff them up with the vacuum cleaner's brush attachment. 

Keep the carpet maintained by cleaning it as soon as you notice that something has spilled on its surface. Avoid using candles around the carpet in the future to prevent wax from accidentally spilling on it again.

For more information, contact a local carpet cleaning service.