Cleaning And Maintenance Services Your Condo Building Needs For The Common Areas

If you are on a homeowner's association board and are in charge of hiring a company to perform cleaning and basic maintenance for your building, it may take some time finding a company that provides the services you need. To find the right company for your needs, you should begin by creating a list of the services you need them to perform and an idea of how frequent these services will be needed. For a condo building, this may include the following services.

Hallway cleaning

When hiring a company to perform condo cleaning, it primarily means you need someone to clean and maintain the common areas of the building. Each condo owner or renter will be responsible for his or her own cleaning duties, but these residents are not responsible for keeping up the common areas of the building.

If the building has hallways or stairs, you will need to find a cleaning company that will clean these for you. This could involve vacuuming and mopping the floors, dusting the ledges, and removing trash from garbage receptacles. This type of service is something you would probably need on a weekly basis.

Window washing

If there are windows and glass doors in the common areas, the company you hire must also be willing to clean the windows. Cleaning windows is not something that typically needs to be done weekly, but there are exceptions. If the front door is all glass, you may want this cleaned every week, because it may easily get soiled with fingerprints.

Snow removal

Snow removal is another important task offered by some cleaning companies. This would not include plowing your parking lot, but it would include shoveling your walkways and spreading salt on them.

This service is something that will be needed on an as-need basis. Whenever it snows, the cleaning company should plan to come and do these things for you to keep the residents in your building safe.

Light bulb changing and smoke detector maintenance

Some cleaning companies do not restrict their services to cleaning tasks only. Instead, they may offer services for minor repairs and maintenance. Two of these services you may need are:

  • Light bulb changing – When light bulbs in common areas burn out, who will change them? If you hire the right cleaning company, they will do this for you. This will include interior and exterior lights, and it may also include changing bulbs in exit signs.
  • Smoke detector maintenance – Smoke detectors save lives, and you might have some of these in the hallways of your building. Smoke detectors operate on batteries, which means they only work if the batteries are good. Because of this, you should hire a cleaning company to change the batteries in all smoke detectors at least once a year.

Finding a company that specializes in condo cleaning is the best way to get the services completed that your building needs. To learn more, contact a cleaning company in your area.