5 Things To Do To Protect Your Carpet When Moving Into A New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is often a satisfying experience, especially when you are able to find a place that is in your preferred location, within your budget, and meets all of your needs. When moving into an apartment, you are generally responsible for paying the first month of rent and a deposit, which can be higher than the standard amount depending on whether you have pets.  However, one of the most crucial things to do in a new apartment is to protect the carpet to avoid losing your deposit money.

By following some of the tips below, you should have no problem keeping the carpet in outstanding condition.

Do Not Wear Shoes in the Apartment

Shoes are home to all sorts of dirt and grime, which is what you want to keep away from the carpet. Instead of just giving your shoes a thorough shakedown on the floor mat before you walk inside, you should take it a step further by removing your shoes completely and not wearing them around the apartment. Without any shoes on, you do not have to worry about the risk of tracking dirt in the home.

Invest in Carpet Protectors

Although furniture protectors are quite common for tile and hardwood floors, they are also useful for carpeting as the indent that furniture often makes can be permanent in certain situations. It is best to avoid this predicament by buying carpet protectors before moving in and applying them right away.

Make a Quick Cleanup Kit

Whether you have pets or not, creating a quick cleanup kit is essential. If your pet has an accident on the carpet or you spill a drink such as wine or coffee, you want to clean it up as fast as possible. By including items such as a stain cleaner, odor neutralizer, paper towels, and a putty knife, you can take care of just about any liquid or solid mess and prevent any long-term carpet damage.

Use Area Rugs for High-Traffic Areas

Although combining carpet with an area rug might seem like a strange combination, you can actually use this type of rug to protect your high-traffic areas from excessive wear and tear. Also, when you have to take care of a spill or mess, you get to avoid damage to the carpet entirely.

When you move into an apartment, you should do everything that you can to get most or all of your deposit back when you move out. Investing in preventive carpet care will help you accomplish this goal.