3 Ingredients That Remove Hard Water Spots From Glass

When you have windows in your home, you want to be able to see through them. Unfortunately, over time, our windows tend to get hard water spots on them. Sprinklers, rain, and other sources of water will hit the window. Water spots can build over time, and the window will look dirty and opaque as opposed to a clean and clear window. Trying to clean these hard water spots off of the windows can take hours and you still may not be able to get them clean.

There are 3 important ingredients that can be mixed together to create a very effective solution that is sure to get any hard water spots off of your windows. These ingredients are Epsom salt, baking soda, and liquid dish soap.

  1. Epsom salt is a natural water softener. The Epsom salt is the crucial ingredient to the mixture because it will break up the hard water stains that are on the windows. Salt is used in many water softeners in homes for this very reason. The salt in the water prevents the hard water buildup.
  2. Baking Soda is added to the mixture because it is able to make the mixture more of a paste. This makes the mixture easier to apply to the window and allows for much simpler cleaning. The baking soda will lightly scrub the glass without scratching it. The baking soda also acts as a disinfectant, which allows for a cleaner window.
  3. Liquid dish soap is used to allow the mixture to spread easier and get rid of any grease and grime that may be on the window. Liquid dish soap is a great degreaser. The dish soap will make the mixture into a solution that can easily be rubbed onto the surface of the glass.

Once these ingredients are mixed together, a damp washcloth can be used to apply the mixture to the surface of the glass.  Work the solution into the glass using circular motions until the glass has been completely covered. Once the glass has been scrubbed, rinse it with warm water. Most of the water stains should now be removed. If there are still some stains, apply more of the mixture and repeat the process.

Each of these 3 ingredients provides unique properties that are crucial to the effectiveness of the mixture. This is a surefire way to remove all of the water spots on your windows. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact H Breiter Window Cleaning or a similar company.